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The e track of Soft Systems

The world is going Digital. Organizations which rely on legacy computing systems are hard pressed to web enable their applications. Data security is of prime importance with connectivity and cross platform integration. Corporate intranets/extranets and virtual supply chain applications are being built. We make these happen.

Our IT Services has the necessary cognitive, front – end skills to integrate with the back end technologies like security, component based object architecture and web languages.

e- business solutions

Software Development and Support

Design and development of a range of internet and e-commerce applications and integration of multiple components of a total solution.
Provides an option for clients to take any of their processing activities, and dramatically lower costs by having Soft Systems execute processes at our offshore Business Processing facilities (BPF’s) in India.
A range of e-services including applications development and enhancements, application maintenance, help desks, performance tuning, testing, and technology porting.
Improves the quality and intensity of support for any existing applications.
Re-development / Re-engineering of of old systems and Maintenance / Support that is intrinsic to sustaining ones that have a large and diverse installed base.
Our Competitive edge

Integrated System and Application Software Expertise to High-Tech Product Companies.
Committed to quality with strong processes, methodologies and automation tools.
High-Margin, Client-Dedicated Offshore Software development.
Low-Cost Software Development through Offshore Infrastructure.
Improve the time-to-market for clients.
Our plantation solution hub

A business to business hub that does the dynamic linking of buyers, brokers and sellers, auctioning, tendering, as well as collaborative planning, forecasting and engineering for all plantation trades. In return, the participating companies enjoy reduced transaction costs, faster transactions, better prices through higher market transparency, and access to previously unknown business opportunities. It allows them to seamlessly work together over the Internet and across company boundaries.

Products and Solutions


An integrated ERP solution for agriculture related business.

Ideal for large corporate plantation companies having multi-business tiers.

Supports multi crop.

Specially designed versions for Tea, Coffee, Oil Palm, Rubber and Vineyards.

Coverage through farming, manufacturing, dispatching, selling up to the corporate accounting.

Distributed installation of modules across multiple business levels.

Structured for information transfer between business tiers through latest communication methods such as WAN and VSAT.

Customization for regional business standards.

High level of data security enables restricted access to desired areas and recording of operational history.

Employs latest technology for development and data storage.

Built-in Interface for export/import of data with popular accounting solutions.

Data capture from process control devices and electronic weighing scales .

Talks with external business world through e-mail and biz-portals.

HARVEST it ASP version

A web enabled version of HARVEST it.

Facilitates access through Internet/Intranet.

Centralized data storage and distributed entry terminals.

Interaction with popular B2B portals.


A suite which contains HARVEST it corporate modules alone.

Covers all corporate activities.

Expandable to HARVEST it.

Fingertip MIS (Management Information System)

Decision making tool for top Management.

Access through Internet, enables the executives to gather MIS on a click.

Compiles the MIS data automatically from HARVEST it modules.

Graphical representation of analysis over web.

Implementation of Balanced Score Card – the latest business monitoring method introduced by Dr. Robert Kaplan and David Norton in 1992.

What-if analysis and scenario comparisons.

Drill-down facility for data scrutinizing.

Benchmarking of performance.

Projections for Financials and Non-Financials.

Variance analysis – against Actual, Budget, Projection, Last Year and Best Year.

IPMIS (Integrated Plantation Management Information System)

An integrated solution for small plantation companies.

Work with low configuration hardware.

Easy to use interface.

Upgradeable to HARVEST it.

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